Lexus RX450HL

Distinct elegance and unrivalled performance

From its debut, the 2021 Lexus RX450HL has left a lasting impression in the global vehicle market due to its unrivalled performance, sleek look, and sustainability. The hybrid powertrain, low emission vehicle is not only environmentally conscious; it is an embodiment of pure luxury without compromise, perfect for a phenomenal luxury chauffeur experience. 

The vehicle promises a smooth, comfortable ride to elevate your experience, and comes with a spacious interior with a six-passenger and a generously sized trunk to accommodate your luggage and gear. 

Key Vehicle Features

Luxurious interiors and exteriors

Ride in comfort with our latest 2021 Lexus RX450HL chauffeured luxury vehicle for hire. The vehicle has premium quality interiors with elegant accents for a superior finish that gives a phenomenal luxurious feel. It also has a sleek exterior design that turns heads so you can arrive in style. 

Standard Lexus safety features

The 2021 Lexus RX450HL comes with advanced technology onboard that allows our experienced chauffeurs to control each aspect of the vehicle to make you comfortable while keeping you safe. Its suite of standard safety features includes a Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system and Blind Spot Monitor among other safety equipment. 

Panoramic sunroof

Bask under the Australian sun or enjoy the beautiful night sky littered with brilliant stars in our 2021 Lexus RX450HL. Our hybrid powertrain luxury vehicle comes with a panoramic sunroof to help you relax and enjoy the beautiful view of New South Wales skyline.

Custom amenities

To enhance your luxury chauffeur experience, the Luxury Chauffeur and Tours 2021 Lexus RX450HL is equipped with custom amenities for your convenience. This vehicle model has multiple onboard device charging systems, complimentary Wireless internet connectivity, and free access to Spotify Premium. We also provide free iPads on board to keep you occupied and entertained.  

  Ready for an eco-luxury chauffeur service experience that is second to none?